Located in North Queensland, we are a small plantation growing native Australian rainforest timbers. Adjacent to Wooronooran National Park, part of the Wet Tropics World heritage area, our plantation is situated on a former dairy farm that we have revegetated for the purpose of timber production but also promoting habitat for native plants and animals. There is some remnant forest, but a large amount was cleared in the 1930’s for dairy, now a struggling industry in the region. Growing a plantation of mixed rainforest species that are highly desirable cabinet timbers has delivered both a home for animals and a wonderful selection of timbers.

We like to think of our plantation as a rainforest, and that’s what it looks like compared to the desolate pine forests you may have in mind when you hear the word plantation. Timber is harvested on a rotation basis by selecting a small group of trees and then replanting back into the canopy opening. This allows for a completely self-sustaining life cycle of the plantation. Additionally, this minimises habitat destruction and allows the plantation to function as a forest and provide rich habitat.

Purchasing our products contributes positively to our vision of improving habitat and promoting sustainable business practices. Your support allows further tree planting, revegetation of creek lines, and ongoing maintenance to achieve richer habitat.

Sustainable plantation timber

Cabinet timbers

Bench tops & Bars

60+ timber species

Nature Refuge

Whilst timber is the item we sell, the product is something far greater. The vision of Topaz Sustainable Timbers is to operate a successful business that delivers quality cabinet timbers, whilst simultaneously enabling responsible land management to create rich habitat for the native flora and fauna. To preserve and safeguard the biodiversity of our property into the future, we have voluntarily entered a Nature Refuge conservation agreement to recognise the ecological significance of the land. When we began planting trees, we rarely sighted Cassowaries, but as the plantation forest grows, more and more animals and birds come to visit and make it their home. This is one of the Cassowaries that regularly come to say hello and keep an eye on our work.


Plantation Timber

We have a variety of slabs and dimensional timber. With over sixty species grown in the plantation there are plenty of colours and patterns to choose from. Shipping can be arranged to anywhere in Australia and the world.

Salvaged timber

We also have salvaged timber from arborists and individuals that have had trees removed from around their house. Additionally some salvaged timber is sourced from trees which have fallen in storms. These can be native or exotic timbers.


Our timber is gently air dried to ensure it is exposed to minimal stress in the drying process, this creates a more stable and suitable product for joinery. Air drying may take a long time, however this pales in comparison to the time required for a tree to grow and is an important step that should not be rushed in the process of creating the finest cabinet timber. Added benefits of this method are the minimal carbon emissions, which are often associated with kiln drying, this holds well with our principles of operating an environmentally conscious business.


We have many beautiful and unique timber slabs that are suitable for bars and benches in the home, office, café, restaurant, pub, boat…anywhere!


There are a number of wood turning pieces available in various sizes and shapes, from small pieces suitable for bowls and pens through to stumps for larger projects such as stools and drums. Green and dry wood is available for turning.


Utilising mobile milling equipment allows us to mill timber on site and operate with minimal impact on the plantation and surrounding habitat. Mobile mills offer great versatility allowing us to cut dimensional timber of various sizes and large timber slabs easily. If we don’t have a particular size that you require, we can custom mill to your specifications.


We offer mobile milling services and can easily travel in the North Queensland Region. If you are thinking of building and have some trees that need to be removed for the house site, why not use them? So much great timber is wasted when people buy land and clear a house site, piling the timber up and burning or chipping it. If the trees really have to go, why not mill them to be used in the house, adding a unique touch to your home.


Timber is a fantastic and truly renewable product if grown and harvested in a sustainable manner. Our goal is to demonstrate that mixed plantations are a viable solution to creating a truly sustainable resource by embracing the triple bottom line. This means placing greater value on our planets ecosystems and people, instead of just focusing on profit as the bottom line and key indicator of performance. We live on a planet with finite resources and need to develop more sound business models to cope with growth. We take a holistic approach in the management and operation to achieve desirable outcomes that will ensure longevity for the enterprise and environmental sustainability.